Considering an All-Flash Array?

First Understand the Pros and Cons


IDC Report:

Dealing with Data at Scale Without Breaking the Bank


Not So Fast:
The Future Isn’t All-Flash

If you believe the aggressive marketing, the future is all-flash.
But in reality, all-flash arrays (AFAs) don’t live up to the hype. Don’t get us wrong. Flash makes for a killer cache.  However, the all-flash approach meets harsh economic and performance realities at enterprise scale. Forget about heavy data reduction saving you. It comes with a performance cost. So is the future of the data center all-flash? We don’t think so.

Not Media-Defined. Future-Defined.

Our approach to data storage is not media-defined, it’s future-defined. It’s built for real-world, enterprise workloads where reliability, scalability and affordability matter, and it’s architected to derive the best possible performance, from any media, for application performance that’s faster than current all-flash arrays.  

InfiniBox pillars of performance

Massive Parallelism

Your workload is decomposed into billions of 64KB objects processed in parallel by all CPU cores, memory modules and storage media, managed in real time by our patented MVL Trie metadata engine.

Machine Learning

InfiniBox learns your workload and combines your access patterns with a multi-exabyte model of real application workloads to make real-time intelligent caching decisions.

DRAM Speed

InfiniBox services all writes and vast majority of reads from a distributed DDR-4 cache with 1000x lower latency than NAND flash. Hot data is always stored and replicated in DRAM, never on flash.

Flash and Disk

Cache misses are serviced by a distributed NAND spillover cache. Warm data is always stored on NAND flash, never spinning disk. Cold data is compacted, protected, and dispersed across hundreds of low-cost hyperscale disk drives by our patented InfiniRAID storage engine.

What They’re Saying

“We were seeing lower write latency than the all-flash array we use for our VDI. That is very impressive for a hybrid array. For me, that’s paramount. Whatever we put on the InfiniBox, I know that write latency is pretty much non-existent.”

Joe McVickerSenior Storage Administrator, HMSA

“Innovators like INFINIDAT demonstrate that architectures still matter, and that all-flash is not the only way to deliver the performance needed to serve enterprise-class apps.”

Dave VellanteCo-Founder & Chief Analyst at Wikibon

“As a cloud service provider, we have a multi-tenant environment and need the high level of performance at scale that InfiniBox delivers in order to stay ahead of all our customers’ needs.”

Dan HamiltonVice President of Technology at Whipcord

“We have seen great results with the INFINIDAT storage solution. We reduced our storage costs by 2.5 times, and were able to increase performance while removing all issues related to future upgrades”

Sergei ZherdevHead of the IT Department of URALSIB Insurance Company

The Guarantee

InfiniBox will outperform all-flash arrays
in real application workloads.

If it doesn’t ?

INFINIDAT will donate $10,000 (USD)
to charity organization of your choosing.

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The information you need to cut through the hype and make smart choices about the storage technology in your data center.

Considering an All-Flash Array?
First Understand the Pros and Cons.

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IDC Report: Dealing with Data at Scale Without Breaking the Bank

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